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About Us

Why CliquePrize

Our Story


HollywoodWin (2003)

CliquePrize started as HollywoodWin (2003) and then HollywoodPrize (2005) as a desktop sweepstakes site before evolving into a mobile app (2019) by the Cinnamon Entertainment Group LLC, which was founded in September 1998.

Following many years of trial and development, CliquePrizeTM emerged from the foundation set by these two websites. The Trademark filed, patent-pending mobile app created the first one promotion to many promotion concept which meant one Contestant only had to enter his/her information once and could enter up to 5 promotions per day without entering that information again.

In one “click” you could win a prize. The word click evolved into “clique” meaning a small group of people with shared interests (in this case, local businesses and their customers) and the name CliquePrize was born. The CliquePrize name is a TM of the Cinnamon Entertainment Group LLC of Nashville, TN.

Why CliquePrize


HollywoodPrize (2005)

CliquePrize believes growing a small business starts with strong data and customer research. The quickest and easiest way to obtain customer data is to give away a prize and survey customers.

With a turnkey system to create and manage local promotions, CliquePrize is the perfect tool to target, capture, and engage regional customers (i.e. leads) that not only want to win free stuff but most likely want to learn more about your products and/or services. Eventually, these tools will expand into surveys, polls, quizzes, events, tournaments and rewards loyalty programs. CliquePrize will be your go-to app for lead demand generation.

Running promotions is the time-tested method for building a list of people who are interested in buying from your business. And since they are local, the list is useful. CliquePrize makes building and evolving a list super easy and affordable. As a business, knowing your customer is the number one marketing objective to growth.

In the near future, Sponsors may also choose to advertise (at no cost) Offers inside CliquePrize. These Offers are not relevant to the promotions but may provide Contestants with discounts, coupons and other specials who want to sample the Sponsors products and/or services.

Choose From 3 Simple Pricing Plans

CliquePrize offers 3 simple base fee pricing plans to host a sweepstakes. Our Platinum Coin series allows you to choose between Public, Private or monthly Subscription plans.