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Small Business Sweepstakes | Get Free Lead Generation Guide

Get the leads you seek so you won’t have to chase cashflow

We know your small business needs leads at a low cost in order to grow and generate cash flow. Small business sweepstakes and giveaways here in Nashville are essential to unlocking growth.

We understand your need for repeat customers and how they are vital to your small business. Word of mouth can only take you so far. Get our free guide and you can learn modern lead generation techniques such as running a Sweepstakes on the CliquePrize iOS mobile app so you can grow your business without the worry of cashflow.

Now, you can capture local (Nashville based) leads (Contestants) in just 1 click with giveaways on the most secured network, MS Azure.

Data is king. Make use of highly intentional buyers and we’ll help you turn them into repeat customers!

Here's what you need to get started:

  • Grab your iPhone and download the CliquePrize mobile app
  • Create a Sponsor account, get verified and create a FREE business listing under Settings > My Bullseye Page
  • Once you select a base coin package (we have intro rates available!), think of a giveaway your customers want to win from you. The better the prize, the more Entrants (Contestants) you'll get!
  • After the promotion is over, pick a winner and fulfill the prize. Its that simple!

Learn more with our Free Guide. Contact sponsors (at) if you need assistance with digital marketing

Free Guide to Small Business Lead Generation

The most cost-effective way to generate leads, find repeat customers and grow your small business is by offering a highly secured giveaway. Sweepstakes and contests have entered a new era. We can help market your small business when you offer the right promotion and drive low cost, local leads that no other internet marketing campaign can match!

Our System Is Secure and Trusted

Old school promotions don't work anymore

It's 2022. Old school promotions like business cards in the fishbowl or online entry forms are a thing of the past. You can't market to business email addresses and thus you can't learn anything about your customers from these type of promotions. So not only are they are difficult to scale, but Entrants (Contestants) also dislike long entry forms with poor data security.

CliquePrize is a mobile app of the Cinnamon Entertainment Group LLC of Nashville, TN. Our A+ rating by the BBB and 20+ years in business is a digital partner you can trust.