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Why is this app called CliquePrize®? What does it mean?

How much does CliquePrize® cost me?

As a Contestant, how do I use CliquePrize®? Is there any training provided?

What is the minimum age requirement to become a Contestant on CliquePrize® and can I enter from outside the USA?

I want to win a promotion in another Metro Market. How do I change my zip code?

My zip code shows the wrong city? What gives?

Are there any tax implications for winning on CliquePrize®?

Can a winning Contestant transfer a prize to another Contestant?

Why is CliquePrize® only in 21 states plus Washington, DC?

What’s the difference between Sweepstakes (aka Giveaways) and Contests?

I know how to trick CliquePrize® with alias emails and phone numbers to increase my odds of winning prizes. Won’t that work?

Can I Win More Than 1 (ONE) Prize?

Why are some Promotions Private and some Public? What’s the difference?

Do you sell my information to other 3rd parties?

What are Publishers? Do I need to contact them?

Who owns CliquePrize®?

Does CliquePrize Integrate with DoorBell.io for user feedback?

How secure is CliquePrize®?

What if other Contestants try to create false identities and alias accounts to increase their odds of winning prizes?

Why are the prize values always under $1000?

Does CliquePrize® allow any Sponsor to run Promotions? What if the prize is a bait and switch?