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Why is this app called CliquePrize? What does it mean?

How much does CliquePrize cost me?

What is the minimum age requirement to become a Contestant on CliquePrize and can I enter from outside the USA?

My zip code shows the wrong city? What gives?

Are there any tax implications for winning on CliquePrize?

Why is CliquePrize only in 20 states plus Washington, DC?

What’s the difference between Sweepstakes (aka Giveaways) and Contests?

I know how to trick CliquePrize with alias emails and phone numbers to increase my odds of winning prizes. Won’t that work?

Can I Win More Than 1 (ONE) Prize?

Why are some Promotions Private and some Public? What’s the difference?

Do you sell my information to other 3rd parties?

What are Publishers? Do I need to contact them?

Who owns CliquePrize?

How secure is CliquePrize?

What if other Contestants try to create false identities and alias accounts to increase their odds of winning prizes?

Why are the prize values always under $1000?

Does CliquePrize allow any Sponsor to run Promotions? What if the prize is a bait and switch?