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Publishers | CliquePrize® Affiliate Publisher program


Introducing the CliquePrize® Affiliate Publisher program


Exchange relevant traffic, including natural SEO backlinks

Key Features Why become a CliquePrize® Affiliate Publisher?

  • 1

    Download the CliquePrize iPhone mobile app

  • 2

    Create a Publisher Account and get approved

  • 3

    Upload up to ten (10) 90x90 buttons and your website description

    We will link your website to your similarweb.com listing automatically. For example: https://www.similarweb.com/website/google.com. This is so that Small Business Owners (Sponsors) can research your website and get an unbiased view of your traffic and demographics.

  • 4

    Search promotions and apply to become an affiliate link partner

    Search promotions and apply to become an affiliate link partner for specific giveaways. Yes, you can be an affiliate of the same Sponsor (Small Business) more than once if they are running more than 1 promotion.

  • 5

    Your 90x90 button will appear on the giveaway entry screen

    If accepted, your 90x90 button will appear on the giveaway entry screen (which we call the Prize details screen) with a link you provide back to your site. Each button can be linked back to a specific page on your site or your homepage. Only 1 button can be used per giveaway.

  • 6

    Place a 300x250 banner from the Sponsor...

    In exchange, you agree to place a 300x250 banner from the Sponsor (i.e. Small Business Owner or Artist) for the specific promotion with a iPhone mobile deep link back to the Prize Details screen. Your 90x90 button will also be listed on the web based image sitemap on cliqueprize.com

  • 7

    Earn points and be awarded with prizes

    If a Contestant clicks on the Sponsors banner on your website and creates an account, you earn 1 (ONE) point. Earn enough points and CliquePrize (not the Sponsor) will award you with a prize such as Tickets and possibly NFTs. The Contestant doesn’t have to enter the promotion but rather just create a valid account with an email address and mobile number using a major US wireless carrier (Verizon, TMobile, AT&T, etc). No VOIPs, WhatsApp, Bandwidth.com numbers permitted.

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