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Enter to Win training video How do I use CliquePrize® to win giveaways?

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    Create a FREE Contestant Account

    If you are 18 or over, you can sign up with CliquePrize for free and only have to enter your data once: first & last name, email, mobile and zip. This data is all the Sponsor will ever see of your information unless you win a physical prize that is mailed to you.

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    Browse promotions & Enter up to 5 per day!

    As a Contestant, you can filter promotions by category and by type (Public or Private). You have up to 5 entries per day so use them carefully.

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    Unlock A Private Promotion

    If a Sponsor has a CliquePrize poster in its store with a QR code or 4 digit code or if you have been emailed this information, then you have been invited to an exclusive promotion. These type of promotions can be unlocked under Private on your phone with a QR code scanner or entering the code. The entry process is the same as Public promotions but typically, your odds of winning are even greater. Once unlocked, you will notice a ribbon in the top right corner of your homepage feed that identifies Private Promotions.

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    Browse Promotions via the Sponsor Bullseye! Directory

    Do you know the name of a local business that you want to check if they are running a promotion right now? No problem. The Sponsor Bullseye! Directory lists every local Sponsor on the CliquePrize app by the business' name first initial. CliquePrize makes it easy to find and enter to win to save you time.

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    If you win, don't forget to redeem!

    Winning is a great feeling but there are 2 types of prizes: digital and physical. Digital prizes are sent to you via a QR code to scan in at the Sponsor's location. Simply show your QR code to the Sponsor's staff and ask them to scan in your winning QR code under My Prizes > Redeem Prize. You have up to 1 year to redeem these. Physical prizes are mailed to you via a major delivery carrier (FedEx, UPS, USPS) and you only have 10 days from notification to redeem these. Scan the QR code inside the package to confirm delivery receipt!

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