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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is this app called CliquePrize? What does it mean?

What’s the point of running Promotions on CliquePrize? How will this help my business?

How much does CliquePrize cost me?

What am I (the Sponsor) legally responsible for?

Can I run a Like, Follow, Mention & Share Campaign as well?

How do I fulfill a digital prize?

How do I fulfill a physical prize?

I’m own my business but I don’t have the time to scan in winning QR codes. Is there any way my staff can assist?

What’s the difference between Sweepstakes and Contests?

Why are some Promotions Private and some Public? What’s the difference?

Does CliquePrize sell Contestant information to other 3rd parties?

What are Publishers? Do I need to contact them?

I have special coupons, discounts and offers. Is there any way to advertise those?

Why is CliquePrize in Nashville, TN only?

Who owns CliquePrize?

How secure is CliquePrize?

What if Contestants try to create false identities and alias accounts to increase their odds of winning prizes?

Why are the prize values always under $1000?

Does CliquePrize allow any Sponsor to run Promotions? What if the prize is a bait and switch?

What are CliquePrize’s business office hours?