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CliquePrize®: A Local Marketing App for Small Businesses

Local Marketing

CliquePrize®: A Local Marketing App for Small Businesses

by CliquePrize Staff

June 28, 2023

Local Marketing Strategies

CliquePrize® is a powerful app that focuses on connecting local businesses with prospects in their area. With technology specifically designed for small businesses to promote themselves cost-effectively and with practically no waste targeting, CliquePrize® is your go-to digital marketing app to capture local leads and build a marketing list.

The 4 Ways of How CliquePrize® Helps Small Businesses With Local Marketing

  1. Zip code targeting by Metro Market: Zip code targeting by Metro Market: CliquePrize® requires Contestants (i.e. local area Prospects) to have their location services turned on their iPhone. With patent-pending technology, this provides small businesses assurances that users are where they say they are and local to their primary business location. By targeting local prospects, small businesses can tailor their digital marketing offers to resonate with the local community with coupons, discounts and trial offers using a Sales Qualified Lead marketing list. This list is created as a result of running a giveaway using CliquePrize®.

    Each Sponsor and Contestant US zip code is mapped to the nearest Metro Market, which is essentially the nearest major city in the county or nearest county based on US census data. Therefore, Metro Markets are essentially mapped and tied together locally to a group of zip codes within a 90 mile radius of the Sponsor's and Contestant's primary physical location. In essence, Click Prize is a local matching service of Small Businesses with local Prospects.

  2. Local Offers and Promotions: The app allows businesses to create and distribute exclusive offers and promotions to local customers. This incentivizes them to engage with the local small business and increases the likelihood of conversion into repeat paying customers. For example, win a free dinner for two at a local restaurant. Only local area residents will be inclined to enter this giveaway. Why? Because out of towners will most likely not be able to redeem the prize unless they were traveling there for a reason. This occurs very rarely.

  3. Customer Engagement: CliquePrize® provides various tools and features to engage with customers, such as push notifications, loyalty programs, and feedback systems. These interactions help build strong relationships with customers and enhance brand loyalty. With partnerships for SMS text messaging and email marketing, CliquePrize® can help you get into Conversational Marketing with your local customer base. This is essential in order to gather customer feedback and to keep abreast of how your small business is performing.

  4. Data Analytics: The CliquePrize® iPhone mobile app offers valuable insights by segmenting leads into two main buckets: Marketing Qualified Leads (aka MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (aka SQLs). A Marketing Qualified Lead is a prospect that has expressed at least an initial interest in your product or service. A Sales Qualified Lead is a prospect that is ready, interested and intends to purchase your product or service. Out of the box, CliquePrize® sets the SQL percentage to 10% as this is the most common rate amongst small businesses in the U.S. You can however alter this percentage by going to Settings > SQL percentage to customize this rate to whatever matches your small business's actual performance.

How Does CliquePrize® Assist Small Businesses In Their Local Digital Marketing Efforts?

CliquePrize® handles digital marketing in a local area by employing various features and strategies tailored to target customers within specific regions. Here are 4 ways Click Prize helps small businesses with local area marketing:

  1. Beyond the aforementioned zip code targeting, each Sponsor (i.e. small business owner) is also given a free Bullseye! targeting screen dedicated to your small business. This screen comes with a custom handle. For example, if your small business was called Rays Bagels your handle might be www.cliqueprize.com / @raysbagels (no spaces)

    This vanity URL can be shared with prospects and customers much like your Facebook page or YouTube URL. The easy to remember custom URL will deep link to your exact Bullseye! screen within the CliquePrize® iPhone mobile app.

    Furthermore, it can be found via a keyword search, by small business category or alphabetically within the local Bullseye! Directory inside the CliquePrize® iPhone Mobile app.

    Your free Bullseye! screen is customizable such that you can upload your own background image and logo or use one of CliquePrize®'s 45+ free small business category templates. You can also customize your business name, address (linked to Google Maps), social media, and description. A list of all of your current CliquePrize® promotions will also be linked from this screen making it very easy for Contestants to locate and enter.

  2. Every small business can choose to run a Private promotion. This means by invitation only. For example, if you wish to just target your own customers, you can send an email blast to your customers with a link to a QR code or 4 digit code which enables Contestants to unlock the Private promotion on their end. CliquePrize® also provides a free 8x10 PDF poster that you can print out and display in your small business that contains these unique codes.

    By running a private promotion, you are essentially rewarding your customer's loyalty with a giveaway that says thank you. This creates a feeling of exclusivity and gratitude for your local patrons that others who haven't visited your small business wouldn't receive.

    If that's not your objective and you wish to cast a wider net, a Public promotion will reach everyone in the Metro Market and does not require a unique private code to unlock to enter.

  3. Partnering with 3rd party website Publishers otherwise known as Affiliates. CliquePrize® provides Sponsors with an ability to trade an image or banner link with third party website publishers. Why? Because driving relevant leads to your giveaway is essential to increasing sales conversion. For example, if you own a shoe store and there's a local 5K runners website you wish to partner with, you can now trade banners and send traffic to and from your promotion with that website. Within CliquePrize®, the Publisher can agree to place a 300x250 banner on their website that deep links on an iPhone directly to your Bullseye! screen. The html code is provided by CliquePrize® to the Publisher. This link trade must be approved by both the Publisher and the Sponsor.

    If a Contestant creates an account on CliquePrize® as a result of clicking on that banner, the Publisher gets one free rewards point. If the Publisher earns enough rewards points, CliquePrize® itself, and not the Sponsor, will offer free tickets to the Publisher for an event on TicketMaster.com up to $75 in value.

    In exchange for this banner, you must offer a 90x90 button slot on your Promotion's Prize Details screen that links to that Publisher's website. Contestants would be able to click on that button and visit that Publisher's website. In essence, you are trading traffic.

  4. CliquePrize® has a screen for Sponsors to create local Offers. This screen is not relevant to any giveaways. Its simply a free service provided by CliquePrize® to Sponsors to promote specials, discounts and coupons to all Contestants in the local area. Contestants, however, will not be required to enter your giveaway that redeem these offers or vice versa. Thus, Contestants will not be able to increase their odds of winning your giveaway by simply redeeming your offer.

CliquePrize® How Local Marketing App Captures Feedback & Increases Sales

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What Is An Example of Local Marketing?

An example of local marketing is a location-based, limited-time discount or offer to local residents within a specific region or in CliquePrize®'s case, Metro Market. By tailoring the promotion to the local audience, the small business can attract nearby Prospects and increase foot traffic. The best way to do this is to offer a prize that is relevant to the local area.

If your small business was in the Nashville, TN Metro Market, for example, and it was CMA Fest, aka Country Music Association's Annual Festival, you might offer 2 free tickets to the festival. With tickets in such high demand, you can take advantage of this event that is truly local to Nashville but appreciated by a very large target audience. Again, your goal is to get prospects to visit your small business. The prize is just the mechanism to do so.

In conclusion, CliquePrize® is a comprehensive local marketing app that empowers small businesses to effectively reach and engage with their local audience. By leveraging its zip code targeting in the nearest Metro Market, prospect acquisition features such as Private promotions, website publisher management, a Bullseye! directory listing with a custom handle and data analytics, small businesses can enhance their digital marketing targeting efforts, increase brand visibility, and drive sales in their local communities.

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