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CliquePrize®, the iPhone Mobile App That Can Draw Names For A Contest

Giveaway Winner Selection

CliquePrize®, the iPhone Mobile App That Can Draw Names For A Contest

by CliquePrize Staff

June 21, 2023

The Small Business Giveaways Tool

How do you keep track of giveaway entries?

Keeping track of giveaway entries is crucial to ensure fairness and transparency. CliquePrize® offers a simple One-Click entry process that tracks Contestant entries with ease. Since the app already captures first name, last name, email address, mobile number and zip code, the Contestant does not need to refill that information again into any long forms for each promotion entered. CliquePrize® validates Contestants both by location and user device. Contestants must have location services turned on their iPhone to confirm they are in fact where they say they are and must be using a mobile number on a major US wireless carrier such as Verizon, AT&T, and TMobile. Thus, any Contestant who attempts to create alias, false or duplicate accounts for the purpose of trying to increase the number of entries to win will have a very difficult time doing so and won't be able to use VOIP lines, WhatsApp and similar technology. By centralizing all entry information within the app, CliquePrize® streamlines the tracking process, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping. Leads are automatically captured and segmented by Marketing Qualified Leads (also known as MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (also known as SQLs).

Does a Contestant ever have to pay to enter or win a giveaway?

No, Contestants never pay to enter or win a giveaway using CliquePrize®. A genuine giveaway operates on the principle of providing something of value to Entrants without any monetary obligation. In fact, it is in violation of US Law if that's not the case. CliquePrize® ensures a fair and inclusive environment for Entrants and offers Sponsors (also known as Small Business Owners) the opportunity to select winners without any bias.

How often should a small business run a giveaway?

The frequency of giveaways for a small business depends on various factors such as budget, target audience, and the nature of the products or services offered. While there is no fixed rule, conducting giveaways too frequently may diminish their impact and overwhelm your audience. Conversely, too few giveaways might result in missed opportunities to engage and attract new customers. Finding the right balance is the key.

CliquePrize® recommends the monthly subscription plan of $199/month which gives small businesses one giveaway per month or 12 giveaways per year. Data plans can be purchased starting at $1/lead in the post-promotion phase.

Small businesses should consider running giveaways during special occasions like holidays, new product launches or upcoming limited time offers. It is crucial to monitor the response and engagement levels from your audience to determine the optimal frequency for your specific business. Regularly assess the results of your giveaways and adjust the frequency accordingly to the prospect's interest and participation.

How far in advance should you announce a giveaway?

Announcing a giveaway with sufficient lead time is important to maximize participation and generate excitement among your audience. CliquePrize® recommends at least one to two weeks before the giveaway begins. This timeframe give Contestants enough time to plan for their participation and share the giveaway with friends and family.

By announcing the giveaway in advance, you can strategically plan your promotional efforts, including social media posts, email campaigns, and collaborations with influencers or partners. This preparation ensures that your giveaway receives ample exposure and reaches a wider audience, increasing the chances of it going viral.

How do you make a giveaway go viral?

Creating a viral giveaway requires a combination of strategic planning, compelling content, and effective promotion. Here are 5 tips to help make your giveaway go viral:

1. Offer an enticing prize: Select a prize that is highly desirable and relevant to your target audience, creating a strong incentive for participation and sharing.

2. Utilize social media: Leverage the power of social media platforms to amplify the reach of your giveaway. Encourage participants to share the giveaway on their profiles and utilize relevant hashtags to increase visibility.

3. Collaborate with influencers: Partnering with influencers or industry leaders can significantly expand the reach and credibility of your giveaway. Their endorsement and wider audience can help drive viral traction.

4. Encourage user-generated content: Prompt participants to create and share user-generated content related to your giveaway. For example, with CliquePrize® video contests, you could even ask your Customers and Prospects to create a video for your small business. User generated content helps Contestants share experiences, give testimonials, and boost engagement which will encourage others to participate.

5. Implement referral programs: Incentivize participants to refer their friends to enter the giveaway by offering additional entries or bonuses for each referral. This amplifies the viral potential of your giveaway. CliquePrize® auotmatically rewards each Contestant one reward point just for entering your giveaway. A Contestant who earns enough rewards points can redeem them for a free prize from CliquePrize® itself. This helps with user loyalty and repeat visitation.

How To Pick A Contest Winner Is there an app for picking contest winners?

Contest Giveaway App With Great Organic Traffic

Is hosting a giveaway tax deductible? Are giveaways a business expense?

Giveaways can be considered a legitimate business expense and, in certain cases, may be tax-deductible. However, it's important to consult with a tax professional or accountant to ensure compliance with relevant state tax laws and regulations. They can provide guidance on how to properly document and report giveaways as business expenses, maximizing potential tax benefits while adhering to legal requirements.

What's the best contest giveaway app that gets great organic traffic?

CliquePrize® stands out as an excellent contest giveaway app that can generate great organic traffic. The app's user-centric design, robust functionality, and seamless user experience contribute to increased engagement and participation. CliquePrize® offers built-in sharing features that make it easy for entrants to spread the word about your giveaway, which leads to organic traffic growth. Additionally, the app's reporting tools allow you to track the success of your giveaway campaign, make data-driven decisions, and optimize future promotions.

CliquePrize® also has organic traffic to its website www.cliqueprize.com as well as its social channels. This helps to generate awareness for you. The app automatically shares your giveaways across all social channels the moment it goes live.


Picking a winner for your giveaway no longer needs to be a complex and time-consuming task. CliquePrize® simplifies the entire process by providing features for entry management, fair winner selection, and real-time analytics. By using CliquePrize®, small businesses can ensure transparency, engage their audience, and maximize the impact of their giveaways. With the right strategies, promotion, and an app like CliquePrize®, you can run successful giveaways that not only attract new customers but also create a buzz and generate organic traffic for your business.

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