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CliquePrize®: A Powerful Tool for Small Business Lead Generation

Small Business Marketing

CliquePrize®: A Powerful Tool for Small Business Lead Generation

by CliquePrize Staff

May 18, 2023

CliquePrize®: A Powerful Tool for Small Business Lead Generation

What is CliquePrize®?

CliquePrize® is a comprehensive lead generation iPhone mobile app designed to help small businesses and artists attract, engage, and convert potential customers (aka Prospects). It combines various digital marketing strategies and tools such as giveaways and surveys into a user-friendly platform, making it accessible even for those without extensive marketing expertise. Furthermore, with zip code targeting ability, CliquePrize® can promote your giveaway in the local area within a 50 mile radius of your small business or artist location to acquire both email and mobile marketing sms lists of your most likely to convert prospects. From there, you can offer discounts, coupons and specials via email and sms texts to increase sales and drive attendance to your small business or artist performances. The goal of CliquePrize® is top of the funnel lead generation and market research.

How does CliquePrize® work?

CliquePrize® leverages the power of giveaways to capture the attention and interest of prospects. The platform allows small businesses and artists to create enticing giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, events, raffles and instant win promotions that encourages Prospects (called Contestants) to Enter to Win in exchange for your opt-in opportunity to send them a marketing offer. While its free for Contestants (aka Entrants) to Enter to Win, it does require their permission to opt-in to the giveaway to receive these marketing offers. These Contestants or Prospects though must also have a way to opt-out of your marketing communications.

The Top 10 Benefits of Using CliquePrize® for Small Business Lead Generation

CliquePrize® helps small businesses and artists cut through the noise and capture the attention of their local target audience. By offering attractive incentives, small businesses and artists can increase user engagement and social media sharing to drive referral and viral marketing results. This, in turn, leads to a higher conversion rate, lower cost per acquisition and a larger pool of potential leads (aka Prospects or future paying Customers).

1. Enhanced Brand Awareness

Running giveaways, sweepstakes, events or contests through CliquePrize not only generates leads but also helps to boost brand awareness. Participants are likely to share the promotion with their friends and family, expanding the reach of the brand's message. Additionally, CliquePrize® provides tools to customize the branding elements of the campaigns, ensuring a consistent and memorable brand experience. This includes custom background and logo images, links to social media, rules, terms and privacy policies. Alternatively, CliquePrize® offers you standard rules, terms and privacy policy that you may edit or customize for your giveaway at no additional cost.

2. Trade Backlinks & Relevant Traffic With Publishers

The easiest and perhaps most cost effective way to enhance your brand’s awareness is through marketing partnerships with relevant websites. On CliquePrize® these websites are owned and operated by Publishers (also known as Affiliates). You can partner with up to 12 Publishers per promotion by offering to place their 90x90 button on your Giveaway Entry screen, also known as the Prize Details screen. This button will link back to the Publisher’s website therefore offering the Publisher free traffic as well.

In exchange for this image link, the Publisher will place your 300x250 promotion banner on their website. It will be coded and deep-linked directly to the Prize Details page for the Contestant to Enter to Win your promotion. In essence, this is a free image link exchange. CliquePrize® will provide the html code for the Publisher inside the App.

However, the Publisher gets not only free traffic but also the chance to earn rewards points directly from CliquePrize® itself. For every valid Contestant account the Publisher refers to CliquePrize®, our mobile app will reward that site with 1 (ONE) reward point. After 500 points, the Publisher can redeem those rewards for free tickets to an event from TicketMaster.com (up to $75 in value).

3. Reach Local Zip Code Based Prospects Through Highly Targeted Lead Generation

CliquePrize® enables small businesses and artists to customize their lead gen campaigns to acquire their ideal local customer on a zip code level. Through Local Metro Market targeting options, small businesses and artists can focus their digital marketing efforts on specific geo-based, local area Prospects, ensuring that the leads generated are highly relevant and likely to convert into customers. This will also prevent Contestants (aka Prospects) from outside the local area from Entering to Win your promotion. A Metro Market is typically the largest city in the county or nearest county in every state of the United States. Almost all Metro Markets are within a 1 hour drive from your small business or artist location.

4. Learn When and How To Use Like, Follow, Mention & Share Campaigns on Social Media

Many small businesses and artists today prefer to use Social Media to generate awareness through likes, follows, mention and share campaigns. The problem with these tactics is they generally don’t attract actual paying customers, especially those local to your business. Because CliquePrize® is local and based on the nearest Metro Market to your small business or artist, you won’t have that issue. However, it doesn’t mean you can offer both methods. This is oftentimes referred to as AMOE (alternative method of entry) and is highly recommended.

5. The Best Small Business Data Collection and Insights

The platform provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features, helping small businesses and artists to gather valuable data on participant behavior and campaign performance. These insights can inform future marketing strategies and help refine lead generation efforts for optimal results. The most powerful of these tools is Surveys (launching in 2024!). With CliquePrize®, you can ask targeted Prospects and current Customers highly informative questions to gain insights on what you are doing right or wrong as a business. The power is in the data. You can also incentivize the survey with a giveaway. Give your Prospects a reason to want to share their feedback with you. Prospect feedback is crucial for any business in order to grow.

6. Seamless Small Business CRM Integration and Automation

CliquePrize® integrates with the leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool for small business called HelloLeads.io. This streamlines lead nurturing and the follow-up process, ensuring that your small business can communicate seamlessly with their leads you acquired through CliquePrize® giveaways. HelloLeads is the leading Small Business CRM marketing platform and also the most competitively priced platform on the market today.

7. The Cost-Effective Solution

For small businesses and artists with a limited marketing budget, CliquePrize® offers an affordable and cost-effective lead generation solution. Compared to traditional advertising channels, sweepstakes widgets, online contests or dedicated marketing teams, CliquePrize® provides a high return on investment due to to ease of use (i.e. one click entry) and low cost per lead data capture capabilities. All Contestant records can be acquired on a Cost Per Lead basis starting at $1/per record and includes first name, last name, email, mobile and zip code.

8. Best In-Class Prize Fulfillment

While there is a base fee to run a giveaway on the CliquePrize® iPhone mobile app, as a Sponsor you are also responsible for fulfilling the prize(s) to the winning Contestant(s).

Winner Selection

The first step of the prize fulfillment process is to select the prize winner(s). With CliquePrize®, this can be done manually yourself or automatically by the app itself. If you choose the winner(s), you will not see any names, emails or mobile numbers but rather a 6 digital 2 letter Contestant ID. These IDs are purposely anonymous so that you (as a Sponsor) cannot create alias Contestant accounts and select yourself as the prize winner(s) or people you know.

Prize Types

With CliquePrize®, you can offer two types of prizes: physical or digital. With physical prizes, you can mail the winning item directly from your Prize Fulfillment Warehouse or from your business or artist location to the prize winner(s).  For physical prizes, the package must be tracked using a major US mail carrier such as FedEx, UPS or USPS. Once the prize winner(s) receives the package, he or she must scan the prize's QR code CliquePrize® provides you so that the physical prize fulfillment process can be completed. You will simply attach a print-out of this QR code to the prize(s) itself before placing it inside the mailing package.

Alternatively, you can simply offer a digital prize such as a FREE item or service. In this use case, the prize winner(s) will simply show you the winning digital QR code from his or her iPhone using CliquePrize® when they arrive at your business and all you’ll need to do is simply scan the winning code in using the Fulfill function while also logged into CliquePrize®. From there, you will want to discount the actual cost of the prize(s) at your register to $0 including tax. At which point, the digital prize will be considered fulfilled.

9. World Class Data Security

In today’s digital era, all small businesses and artist must face the reality of data piracy. It’s therefore imperative to keep your data as well as your Prospects or Customers data safe. With CliquePrize®, you now have that luxury as our iPhone mobile app is hosted by the MS Azure Cloud. Thus, you can now have a world class security host already built-in to your promotions to keep your data safe.

10. One Click Entry Equals More Entries

In today's competitive business landscape, small businesses need effective strategies for lead generation that are both efficient and affordable. CliquePrize® offers a powerful tool because its easy to use. One-click and the Prospect (i.e Contestant) can Enter to Win your giveaway. By leveraging the benefits of CliquePrize®, small businesses can enhance their lead generation efforts, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive business growth.

CliquePrize®*** is the iPhone Giveaways mobile app that helps Small Businesses grow by reaching, nurturing and converting local, high value prospects. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!***

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