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Small Business Lead Generation

Why CliquePrize®


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CliquePrize® is designed to be your go-to iPhone mobile app for local giveaways. Benefits include:

  • Metro Market local area targeting
  • Verified local users
  • Secured data by Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Digital eGift Card Options from BHN Rewards

One click and the Contestant is Entered to Win! Its that simple. Our metro markets reach up to 90 miles around the largest cities in each US State.

Capturing great leads is as easy as 1-2-3

CliquePrize® gives you all the tools you need to host, manage, and fulfill successful local promotions. Through prize giveaways you'll get a qualified marketing list.

  1. Create a Sponsor account

    Sign up to CliquePrize® as a Sponsor, complete a short registration, get verified, then purchase the base package upfront to start hosting a giveaway. You must also give away and fulfill a prize to the winner(s).

  2. Reach targeted local Contestants

    As a lead-generation engine from Giveaways, CliquePrize® is hyper local, ensuring that promotions only reach relevant, local Metro Market targeted Contestants that have been verified on the platform. No robots, no fakes, you’ll reach the right prospects who may want to buy from you. Think of a prize to give away they will want to win!

  3. With an engaged audience, create marketing offers and increase sales

    Post-promotion, you can select winner(s) and for a small fee per contestant, CliquePrize® allows you to obtain optional data (first & last name, email, mobile and zip) of your Giveaway entrants so that you can market your business to them.

Small business lead gen video CliquePrize® the Best Small Business Giveaways iPhone Mobile App For Lead Generation

We will help you...

  • Collect Actionable Data

    Small Businesses can soon finally understand their Customers and gather feedback survey data on their products and services along with their target consumer’s demo, likes & dislikes and buying preferences from CliquePrize®.

  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

    When you target the right prospect, you lower customer acquisition costs. Put an end to waste spending. Casting a wide net with little consideration for location, buying preferences and demographic matching doesn't work.

  • Track Lead Gen Metrics

    Measuring the difference between Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) is crucial towards lowering your customer acquisition costs. Let CliquePrize® help you find SQLs for less than other tactics.

  • Target Prospects With Bullseye! Precision

    The Bullseye! Directory is free for verified Sponsors on CliquePrize®. Take advantage of a free business listing where you can promote your products or services, social media, website and CliquePrize® promotions with local, targeted precision.

  • Retire Fishbowl Promotions

    Collecting business cards in a fishbowl is useless. Yes, you can pick a card and select a winner for a giveaway but there’s no useful data captured. Small businesses can't nurture the Prospects (Contestants) to conversion. And therefore, you don’t learn anything about your Prospects. It’s also difficult to send marketing offers to business email addresses (i.e. the leads).

  • Invite Your Top Customers To Win

    With CliquePrize®, you can create a Private Promotion with either digital or physical prizes (sent via a major delivery carrier). CliquePrize® has QR code technology that makes it all possible.

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Partner CliquePrize® is end-to-end lead generation and communication for small business

Choose From 3 Simple Pricing Plans

CliquePrize Consent Management Platform CMP Data Privacy
Consent Management Platform

CliquePrize® CMP Is 2024 Compliant!