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CliquePrize® Events with Giveaways: Elevating Engagement and Excitement

Event Registration With Giveaways

CliquePrize® Events with Giveaways: Elevating Engagement and Excitement

by CliquePrize Staff

August 1, 2023

Private Event Registration With Giveaways

The Event Registration Process: Setting the Stage for Success

For every Event Registration hosted on CliquePrize®, the Sponsor takes center stage by offering a minimum of one free giveaway to one of the registrants. The Sponsor though may offer more than one prize to more than one Contestant. This enticing incentive sets the tone for increased attendance and excitement surrounding the event.

The process commences with the Sponsor providing essential event details to CliquePrize® to create the Event in the app as follows:

  1. The Event Location: While the event may not be held at the Sponsor's location, it is typically at an external venue with a specific address, making it easily accessible for potential attendees. Thus, Sponsor must provide this information to Contestants on CliquePrize®.
  2. The Registration Deadline: This crucial date marks the cutoff for Contestant Registrations to be eligible for participation in the event. By offering a clear deadline, Sponsors can effectively manage logistics and plan for a successful gathering. The Registration Deadline can coincide with the Event date but not after the starting minute of the Event.
  3. The Event Date: With a specific date and hours provided, Contestants can mark their calendars and plan their attendance accordingly. For indoor events, a make-up date is typically unnecessary, but for outdoor events susceptible to weather changes, a contingency plan is outlined in the form of a make-up date.

Thus, the Sponsor must indicate a make-up date regardless of where the Event was originally planned. It can be the same date as the Event if no make-up date is possible.

CliquePrize®: Small Business & Artist Event Registration with Giveaway iPhone App

Tracking Event Registrations Event Marketing Meets Incentive Marketing

CliquePrize® Private Event Registration With Giveaways

Unlocking Private Events: Exclusivity with a Personal Touch

For those Sponsors seeking a more exclusive touch, CliquePrize® offers the option of hosting Private Events. The process mirrors that of Public events, except access to Private Events is restricted to those with a QR Code or a unique 4-digit code shared by the Sponsor with the invited Contestants. The invited Contestants can unlock Private Events within the CliquePrize® app by selecting "Private" and scanning in the QR code or entering the correct 4 digit code.

Private events add an element of exclusivity and intimacy, catering to select groups while maintaining a broader reach for Contestants who have the appropriate private QR Code or 4-digit code but they are irrespective of Metro Markets and can be registered by anyone with the correct QR invitation code.

Igniting Engagement and Success with CliquePrize® Events

CliquePrize® Event Registration with Giveaways mark a significant leap forward in the realm of event registrations and promotions. By combining the allure of free giveaways with well-structured event registration, this feature creates an immersive and exciting experience for both Sponsors and Contestants. With seamless tracking through QR Codes and Electronic Tickets, event management becomes a breeze, allowing small businesses and artists to focus on creating memorable experiences for their audiences.

As the winner(s) are selected and prizes are distributed, the spirit of competition and anticipation continues to build, fostering lasting connections between brands and their communities. The introduction of Private Events adds an element of exclusivity, ensuring a personalized touch for select groups.

In sum, CliquePrize® is now pairing Event Marketing with Incentive Marketing through the use of Giveaways.

In the world of marketing, engagement is key, and CliquePrize® Event Registration with Giveaways deliver just that - an interactive, thrilling, and rewarding experience that elevates your events to unprecedented heights of success. And it's all local of course. Embrace the power of CliquePrize® and unlock a new realm of event-driven growth and excitement for your brand or artistic endeavors.

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