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How to Elevate Local Fundraising With the CliquePrize® Raffle Ticketing & Winner Selection

Raffle Tickets

How to Elevate Local Fundraising With the CliquePrize® Raffle Ticketing & Winner Selection Tool

by CliquePrize Staff

September 27, 2023

Digital Raffle Tickets

Locating Raffle Tickets: Private Promotions and Easy Access

Launching in 2024!

CliquePrize® Raffles are Private promotions by default, offering an exclusive and personalized experience. To unlock a Private promotion, Contestants simply click on "Private" within the CliquePrize® app and either scan the QR code or enter the 4-digit code provided by CliquePrize® to the Sponsor.

The Sponsor shares this private invitation QR code with all eligible Contestants, ensuring an inclusive and accessible approach to participation.

Once the private promotion is unlocked, Contestants can easily access the raffles by selecting "Raffles" from their CliquePrize® home screen. Within the app, an entry box for the donation code appears, allowing Contestants to enter the code provided by the Sponsor at the time of their donation.

CliquePrize® automatically recognizes the number of raffle tickets assigned to the donation code, and Contestants can then view or print these tickets within the app, much like traditional paper raffle tickets.

CliquePrize® Raffles Digital Tickets, Ticketing & Winner Selection iPhone Mobile App

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Digital Raffle Ticket Drawing

The Drawing Date & Time: Setting the Stage for Excitement

The deadline for donations is directly tied to the raffle drawing date and time. Winners are selected after the drawing time on the drawing date, which can be manually done by the Sponsor or automatically by the CliquePrize® app.

For example, if the drawing date is set for March 1st, with a drawing time of 1pm EST, winners can be chosen by the Sponsor or the CliquePrize® app at 1:01pm EST, manually or automatically by CliquePrize®.

Raffle Winners Selection and Redemption: A Seamless Experience

The Sponsor has the power to determine how raffle prize winners will be selected, either manually or through the CliquePrize® app. Drawing winners occurs at or after the designated drawing time on the drawing date, at which point, no further Contestant raffle donations will be accepted.

At the drawing time, Contestants will receive automatic notifications within the app if they have won a prize, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the raffle experience. Additionally, the Sponsor may choose to announce the winning raffle ticket numbers to the room if the raffle is being drawn in person. These winning ticket numbers are visible to the Sponsor within the CliquePrize® app.

Once a Contestant wins, they can redeem their prize in person, much like a giveaway, by clicking on "My Prizes" and selecting "Redeem Prize" within the app. The winning QR code is presented to the Sponsor, who scans it using the "Fulfill" function within CliquePrize® to complete the prize fulfillment process. Most often, the prize will be a physical item, adding an element of tangibility and excitement to the reward. Digital prizes can also be scanned in.

State Restrictions and Compliance: Adhering to Local Laws

It's important to note that by default, CliquePrize® does not offer Raffles in certain states due to specific state laws prohibiting online or digital raffles. These states include AL, AR, CA, HI, IN, IA, KS, MN, MT, NM, RI, SC, TX, UT, WA, and WV.

CliquePrize® is committed to ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, providing a secure and legal platform for all participants.

CliquePrize® Raffles: Ticketing & Winner Selection Tool brings a refreshing and seamless approach to fundraising and prize selection. By incorporating electronic ticketing and easy access to raffle tickets, CliquePrize® enhances engagement and excitement for both Sponsors and Contestants. The private promotion feature adds exclusivity to the experience, while the flexible donation-ticket allocation process empowers Sponsors to tailor the raffle to their specific needs.

With clear drawing date and time, winners are notified promptly, creating a sense of anticipation and celebration. As the Sponsor and Contestants come together to redeem prizes, CliquePrize® Raffles delivers an immersive and enjoyable raffle experience.

Explore the possibilities of CliquePrize® Raffles: Ticketing & Winner Selection Tool and take your fundraising and prize selection endeavors to new heights of success. Embrace the power of CliquePrize® and elevate your raffles to new levels of excitement and engagement.

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