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CliquePrize® Text to Win: Revolutionizing Instant Win Promotions for Small Business

Instant Win Promotions

CliquePrize® Text to Win: Revolutionizing Instant Win for Small Business & Artists

by CliquePrize Staff

July 18, 2023

Text to Win Mobile Promotions

Lets explore how the new CliquePrize® Text to Win features will work:

  1. Text Keyword to Instantly Win - One of the cornerstones of CliquePrize®'s Instant Win Promotions is the concept of the unique Keyword. This Keyword is selected by the Sponsor to represent their giveaway and acts as the unlock key for Contestants to enter the Private promotion. The beauty lies in the exclusivity of each Keyword since no other Sponsor can use the same Keyword during the specified hour or time interval, ensuring a dedicated audience for each promotion. By linking the Keyword to the specific Sponsor and Instant Win promotion date, CliquePrize® maintains a smooth flow of information, making it easy for both Sponsors and Contestants to participate and engage effectively.
  2. Time-Interval Based Instant Wins - With CliquePrize® Instant Win text to win promotions. the giveaway typically occurs in person whereby the prize winner is selected and the prize itself is redeemed on the spot. Thus, it is designed for live events such as concerts. To ensure a dynamic experience, all Instant Win promotions on our platform run on 1-hour time intervals, with a maximum duration of 3 hours within a single day. This time-based mechanism enhances engagement and makes it easier for Sponsors to manage their giveaways effectively. The reason for the 1 hour minimum is to spread the winner selection evenly.

With CliquePrize® Instant Win promotions, you have 7 prize options for each hour:

  • 1 Winners (once every hour)
  • 2 Winners (once every 30 minutes)
  • 3 Winners (once every 20 minutes)
  • 4 Winners (once every 15 minutes)
  • 5 Winners (once every 12 minutes)
  • 6 Winners (once every 10 minutes)
  • 60 Winners (once every minute)

For example, for 7 winners, all Contestants will be asked to text the promotion's unique keyword to CliquePrize® at the dedicated mobile number for your promotion. CliquePrize® will supply the mobile number but messaging fees and charges from the wireless carrier apply to all Contestants who Text to Win. Once every X minutes, the app will randomly select and notify a winner. The next winner is selected in the subsequent Y minute interval and so on. Contestants can only learn if they won or lost by downloading the CliquePrize® app and creating a free Contestant account. If both conditions are met, then the Contestant can receive the prize notification via text to their iPhone and the entry will be logged inside the app. The Contestant will not need to login to the app at that point.

For each hour, the total number of prize winners increases concurrent with the duration of the promotion. Sponsors can choose from a range of options, starting with offering 1 winner every hour (once every 60 minutes) for a 1 hour promotion to a maximum of 180 winners (once every minute) for a 3 hour promotion. This flexibility caters to various event sizes and Sponsor preferences, allowing for a personalized and rewarding experience for both Sponsors and Contestants.

Prizes and Taxation Compliance

CliquePrize®'s primary focus is on fostering meaningful connections between Sponsors and Contestants through engaging promotions, rather than giving away cash. To ensure fairness and diversity in prizes, the platform prohibits Sponsors from offering cash rewards. Instead, prizes must be under $1000 in value, and digital gift cards are an acceptable prize alternative.

For prizes with an Approximate Retail Value (ARV) exceeding $600, Sponsors are required to issue a 1099 form for income tax reporting purposes to the winning Contestant(s). This measure ensures that all promotions on CliquePrize® adhere to both state and federal tax regulations, safeguarding the interests of both Sponsors and Contestants.

Text Entries are treated as leads on CliquePrize®

Once the Contestant sends a text with the unique Keyword and designated mobile number listed inside the app and also has a free Contestant account, the app will immediately notify the Contestant if the user won or lost. Behind the scenes, the Contestant is essentially creating a lead for that Sponsor to purchase on a CPL basis starting at $1/record.

Every lead record on CliquePrize® contains the Contestant's first name, last name, mobile number, email address and zip code. Sponsors never pay twice for the same record.

All mobile numbers on CliquePrize® are validated by major US wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and TMobile. Therefore, all VOIP lines, WhatsApp and other alias burner text or voice accounts will never be able to validate their Contestant accounts and get the 4 digit account confirmation code.

With a valid and confirmed Contestant account, as mentioned above, the user can get immediate instant win or loss decisions from CliquePrize®. Contestants who text in the Keyword before creating a Contestant account are prompted to download the app and complete their account creation. Once approved, they become eligible to win and receive instant notifications within the app and via text message.

By requiring a CliquePrize® account for eligibility, the platform ensures that genuine participants are engaged in each promotion, enhancing the credibility and authenticity of the Instant Win experience.

Privacy and Subscriptions

CliquePrize® acknowledges the importance of privacy for both Sponsors and Contestants. By default, all Instant Win promotions are set to Private, fostering exclusivity and personalized interactions. For giveaways, there are only two ways to unlock a Private Promotion on CliquePrize®:

  1. Scanning a QR Code - Contestants can Enter to Win by scanning in the QR code from a free CliquePrize® issued poster displayed at the Sponsor's business location
  2. Entering a 4 digit code - either given to the Contestant via email, word of mouth, or by a CliquePrize® issued poster, etc by Sponsor

With Instant Win, there's now a third way to unlock a Private Promotion by texting a keyword to a specific mobile number issued by CliquePrize®. This will immediately trigger an entry to win if the Contestant has already created a free Contestant account on the app. If not, the user will be asked to create a new one or will not be eligible to win until such time.

Sponsors can even offer Instant Win promotions on a monthly subscription basis with the purchase of a Copper Coin Plan B package. This feature enables Sponsors to reach a wider audience while still maintaining control over their giveaways.

CliquePrize® Mobile iPhone Text to Win Instant Giveaway Promotions Live Concert

Instant Win Promotions CliquePrize® Instant Win Promotions Captures Leads

Instant Win Games

Difference between CliquePrize® and Other Instant Win Giveaways or Sweepstakes

While traditional instant win games, lotteries, giveaways and sweepstakes have existed in various forms for hundreds of years, perhaps the earliest known lottery was in 1567 in England called the "The Great Lottery."

Promotions have evolved tremendously since then and today we have an iPhone mobile app called CliquePrize® that sets itself apart by offering a time-based, dynamic approach to Instant Win. The uniqueness of Keywords linked to specific Sponsors and the option to choose the number of winners based on the promotion's duration adds an exciting element. Additionally, the requirements set forth by the CliquePrize® iPhone mobile app enhances user engagement and interactivity.

Key Characteristics of Instant Win Games

There are 5 key characteristics of Instant Win Games including:

  1. Diverse Gameplay: Instant Win Games come in various formats, such as scratch-off cards, spin wheels, pick-and-match, and more. The diverse gameplay ensures that participants stay entertained and engaged.
  2. Random Outcomes: The outcome of Instant Win Games is usually determined by a random number generator (RNG). This element of chance adds excitement and surprise to the experience.
  3. Virtual Prizes: Prizes in Instant Win Games are typically virtual, ranging from in-game rewards, digital content, discounts, or coupons. While some games may offer physical prizes, the focus is often on digital rewards.
  4. Instant Gratification: As the name suggests, the primary appeal of Instant Win Games is the immediate reward. Players do not have to wait for a draw or a contest result; they know instantly if they have won or lost.
  5. Mass Appeal: Instant Win Games are designed to attract a wide audience. They are accessible to all age groups and require minimal effort to participate, making them appealing to a broad range of users.

Win Real Money Online Instantly

Unlike platforms that focus on winning real money online instantly, CliquePrize®'s Text to Win feature prioritizes fostering meaningful connections between Sponsors and Contestants because the true objective of the giveaway is not PR but lead generation. By excluding cash rewards and focusing on gift cards and other tangible prizes, the platform ensures that Contestant lead data is captured and that is useful for the Sponsor's marketing and small business growth objectives.

Instant Win Games or Instant Win Gaming

Instant Win Games typically involve random outcomes with the chance to win prizes. CliquePrize®'s Text to Win winners are also determined randomly however this is accomplished by a time-based and Sponsor-centric approach. The time intervals and number of winners add a layer of excitement and anticipation, making the process more engaging, fun and fulfilling for both Sponsors and Contestants.

Instant Win Games, also known as IWGs, are a popular form of interactive promotions that have gained widespread popularity in recent years. These games offer participants the opportunity to win prizes immediately, typically after completing a simple action or task. They are often found online or as part of mobile apps and are designed to be quick and engaging, providing instant gratification to players.

Instant Win Games cater to a broad range of users, often offering virtual rewards and focusing on diverse gameplay. They are typically hosted by various companies and brands for marketing purposes, aiming to attract a large user base and promote their products or services. They are typically a branding exercise for small businesses, not a lead capture campaign. This is why CliquePrize® is different.

Win Instantly Promotions

CliquePrize®'s Instant Win Promotions embody the essence of winning instantly. The combination of time-based intervals and immediate win or loss decisions ensures that Contestants receive notifications in real-time, enhancing the overall experience. This feature allows Sponsors to connect with their audience instantly and create memorable interactions. But most importantly, CliquePrize® promotions are highly secured on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This means the Contestant data is safely captured by the iPhone app according to the best cyber security protection available on the market today.

As the world embraces technological advancements, CliquePrize®'s new Text to Win feature is set to revolutionize the landscape of Instant Win Promotions for Small Business Owners and Artists. By focusing on exclusivity, engagement, and meaningful connections between Sponsors and Contestants, CliquePrize® promises a fresh and dynamic approach to giveaways. The platform's emphasis on fair prize distribution, taxation compliance, and user-friendly interactions ensures that both Sponsors and Contestants can look forward to a rewarding experience in 2024 and beyond.

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