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Introducing CliquePrize® Video Contests: A Powerful Tool for Lead Generation and Marketing

Video Contests

Introducing CliquePrize® Video Contests: A Powerful Tool for Lead Generation and Marketing Growth

by CliquePrize Staff

August 1, 2023

iPhone App Video Contests

CliquePrize® Video Contests Revolutionize Video Marketing for Small Businesses & Artists

Launching in 2024!

A new era in video contests is approaching and CliquePrize® is once again leading the charge. There are 3 such types of promotions in this revolutionary iPhone app that will change the way Small Businesses and Artists gather market research and connect with their Prospects and repeat paying customers. These include:

  1. Sponsor-Generated Contests: Enhancing Market Research with Customer Input

    For small businesses looking to test the effectiveness of their video marketing messages and gain valuable customer feedback, Sponsor-Generated Contests on CliquePrize® are the perfect solution. In this type of video contest, the Sponsor uploads 5 finalist videos representing different marketing approaches or messages. Contestants then participate by rating each video on a scale of 1 to 5 stars or voting for their favorite.

    The Sponsor-Generated Contests are akin to a giveaway, where Contestants can Enter to Win prizes in one-click through random selection, incentivizing them to participate. This market research approach also empowers small businesses to understand which video resonates best with their local audience, ensuring they make informed decisions based on real data rather than mere assumptions. By leveraging the power of CliquePrize®, Sponsors can prototype different videos and identify the most effective video marketing approach for their brand, saving time and money on potential failed marketing campaigns and costly focus group surveys.

  2. User-Generated Content (UGC) Contests: Unleashing the Potential of Crowd-Sourced Creativity

    Are you a Small Business Owner or an Artist looking for fresh marketing ideas and creative inputs from your target audience? CliquePrize® User-Generated Content (UGC) Contests offer a powerful tool for harnessing the creativity of Contestants who understand your brand as well as anyone.

  3. Hybrid Contests: The Best of Both Worlds

    CliquePrize® Hybrid Contests combine the benefits of both Sponsor-Generated and User-Generated Content Contests. Sponsors have the option to submit their own videos alongside those submitted by Contestants. Contestants can participate by rating or voting for videos, and the selection process is similar to that of UGC Contests, with both highest-rated and randomly selected winners.

    The Hybrid Contests cater to Sponsors who seek to leverage their own marketing materials while also tapping into the creativity of their audience. This flexible approach ensures that businesses can experiment with different video content strategies while engaging their customers in the decision-making process.

    In the event a Sponsor-generated video wins the highest rated or most popular video as determined by the Contestant's own ratings or votes, then only one random Contestant winner (chosen by the Sponsor or CliquePrize®) will be awarded a prize just for their time and effort.

    If a User-Generated (Contestant) video wins the highest rated or most popular video as determined by the Contestant's own ratings or votes, then the Sponsor must fulfill two prizes: one to the video submitter (that is the User or Contestant) and one to a random Contestant winner (chosen by the Sponsor or CliquePrize®) just for their time and effort.

    UGC and Hybrid video contests will also be visible with a UGC icon for the Contestant to distinguish from Sponsor-generated video contests.

CliquePrize® Video Contests - Highest Rated Most Popular User Generated Content

Video Marketing CliquePrize® Video Contests Have Two Phases

CliquePrize® Highest Rated and Most Popular Video Contests

If you're a participant in CliquePrize® video contests or a curious Small Business Owner/Artist looking to harness the power of this innovative platform, understanding the intricacies of the two primary contest types, Highest Rated and Most Popular, can significantly impact your success. Let's dive deeper into how these contests work and why they offer exceptional opportunities for growth and engagement.

How Does a Highest Rated CliquePrize® Video Contest Work?

In a Highest Rated CliquePrize® video contest, contestants play a crucial role in determining the ultimate winner. Here's how it unfolds:

• CliquePrize® Star System: Contestants tasked with rating videos use the CliquePrize® star system, featuring a scale from 1 to 5 stars. The lowest rated video receives 1 star, while the highest-rated one garners 5 stars.

• Unique Ratings: Contestants can only assign a unique rating to each video. This ensures that no two videos receive the same score, promoting fairness and accuracy in the voting process.

• Five Finalist Videos: Each Highest Rated or Most Popular CliquePrize® video contest has 5 finalist videos competing for the top spot. These videos have been shortlisted based on submissions and preliminary reviews by the Sponsor.

• Average Ratings Determine the Winner: The video with the highest average ratings for best video, based on those Contestants who rate the videos, emerges victorious. This emphasizes the importance of every Contestant's input, as it collectively influences the final outcome.

• One Vote Per Contestant: To maintain objectivity and fairness, each contestant can only cast one vote during a Highest Rated CliquePrize® video contest.

By utilizing the Highest Rated format, CliquePrize® promotes active participation, creativity, and thoughtful evaluation from the audience. The video that resonates most effectively with the viewers and receives the highest cumulative rating claims the coveted title.

How Does a Most Popular CliquePrize® Video Contest Work?

A Most Popular CliquePrize® video contest introduces a slightly different voting mechanism, catering to viewers who prefer a more straightforward approach. Here's how it operates:

Single Choice Voting: Contestants have the opportunity to vote for their favorite video from the selection of 5 video finalists. They choose only 1 video as their top pick for best video.
• Radio Button Selection: CliquePrize® implements an easy-to-use radio button system alongside each finalist video, enabling Contestants to make their choice seamlessly with one-click entry functionality that Contestants are used to on CliquePrize®.
• Distinct Winner Determination: Unlike the Highest Rated format, where the average ratings decide the winner, the Most Popular contest identifies a single victor based on the highest number of votes for a specific video.
• One Vote Per Contestant: Similar to the Highest Rated contest, each Contestant can only cast one vote during a Most Popular CliquePrize® video contest.

The Most Popular format serves as a popularity contest, encouraging contestants to rally support for their preferred video. It's a direct expression of their enthusiasm for a particular entry, adding an element of excitement and competition to the contest.

Can a Contestant Win Two Prizes in a CliquePrize® Video Contest?

It's a rare occurrence, but yes, Contestants can potentially win 2 prizes in a CliquePrize® video contest. Here's how:

User-Generated Video Submission and Random Selection: Suppose a Contestant's user-generated video submission wins the highest rated or most popular category but also wins the random selection by the Sponsor or CliquePrize® app itself. This could happen but the odds are small. The AI-powered random winner selection tool will typically choose another Contestant to as the winner of the random selection. This ensures that different participants have an opportunity to experience the thrill of winning.

The Value of Voting: A Prize in Itself

You might wonder why Contestants receive prizes solely for voting. The philosophy behind this decision lies in CliquePrize®'s commitment to valuing participants' time and effort. Watching and evaluating 5 videos demands attention and engagement, and CliquePrize® recognizes the importance of such contributions. The prizes offered by the Sponsor serve as a token of appreciation for each Contestant's active involvement, encouraging more people to participate and engage in the video contests actively.

Sponsor-Generated Video Contests: A Market Research Marvel

For Sponsors, running Sponsor-Generated Video Contests on CliquePrize® presents an unparalleled opportunity to conduct valuable market research. Let's explore why these contests are so invaluable:

• Informed Video Marketing Decisions: Whether you're an Artist or a Small Business Owner, knowing which video best resonates with your target audience is crucial for a successful video marketing campaign. By polling potential customers through a video contest, you gain invaluable insights that allow you to make informed decisions based on real data, not guesswork.
• Customer-Centric Approach: CliquePrize® Sponsor-Generated Video Contests engage prospects and paying customers directly, empowering them to participate actively in shaping your brand's video marketing direction. When local patrons feel involved and valued, their brand loyalty and enthusiasm skyrocket.
• Prototype and Experiment: Instead of committing resources to untested marketing strategies, CliquePrize® provides a safe and cost-effective environment for prototyping various videos. It allows you to gauge customer response and refine your messaging accordingly before launching a full-fledged video marketing campaign based on the results of a small focus group study.

User-Generated and Hybrid Contests: Harnessing Crowd-Sourced Creativity

For Sponsors looking for fresh ideas and a diverse range of perspectives, User-Generated and Hybrid Contests on CliquePrize® offer the ideal solution:

Crowd-Sourced Creativity: Tap into the creativity of your potential customers by inviting them to create videos for your brand. User-Generated and Hybrid Contests facilitate idea generation through crowd-sourcing, saving you thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on extensive focus group studies.
• Timely Market Research: With CliquePrize®, the market research process is streamlined and expedited. Within a short time frame, you can gather a wealth of creative ideas and marketing concepts, which can outperform even the efforts of a small internal marketing team.
• Inclusive Approach: By running these contests, you demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and customer collaboration, fostering a deeper connection between your brand and your audience.

What Does Location Have To Do With Small Business Marketing Videos?

Everything. Contestants who are local know your town and your brand. They know your brand's best position in the market place because they love you for what you do best. Remember, Small Businesses are competing for a very local and limited number of potential paying customers. The fight is micro not macro. Here's why:

  1. A Familiar Connection: Know Your Town, Know Your Brand: Local Contestants have an inherent advantage because they share a genuine bond with the community and the brand. Being familiar with the town's characteristics, preferences, and values enables them to create Small Business marketing videos that resonate effortlessly with the local, target audience. This deep-rooted familiarity allows for authentic storytelling that strikes an emotional chord with potential customers. These nuances can be things like local accents, landmarks, history and sports.
  2. Showcasing What Makes A Local Town Favorite: Emphasizing Unique Strengths: For Small Businesses, competing in a limited and localized market demands a focus on showcasing their unique strengths. Local Contestants intimately understand what sets the brand apart from its competitors. They can artfully highlight the small business's core values, services, and products that are most valued by the community, not the the ones the Small Business believes is important but isn't. By leveraging this insider knowledge, marketing videos can deliver a powerful message that instills confidence in prospects that you "get them" and their needs. For example, it may not matter that you are open late on the weekends. They may rather get better service at better prices with more flexible options.
  3. Micro-Focus for Macro Impact: Targeting the Local Market: Unlike larger corporations with a broad market presence, Small Businesses are reliant on a localized customer base. We are talking about no greater than 30 miles but more often even less than 10 miles from the Small Business' primary location. Video which precisely target the needs and preferences of the local community typically convert better. This targeted approach maximizes the impact of your video marketing efforts and fosters a loyal customer base.
  4. Establishing a Community Connection: Trust and Loyalty: Small Business Marketing Videos are not just about promoting products or services; they are about building lasting connections with the community. Local Contestants can tap into the shared experiences, values, and aspirations of the town, engendering trust and loyalty among potential customers. This connection transcends the screen, creating a sense of kinship that goes beyond mere marketing.

How does CliquePrize® Contribute To This Process?

CliquePrize® has local Metro Markets for this exact reason. The app is designed with location in mind and harnessing the power of digital promotions to form a clique with your small business. Contestants are targeted and matched with Sponsors (local Small Businesses & Artists) based on US zip codes. All zip codes are grouped together within a 90 mile radius around the largest city in the county or nearest county in each US state. This makes the matching more precise for both the Contestant and the Sponsor.

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