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Small Business Giveaways & Lead Generation

Small business training video How do I use CliquePrize® to run giveaways?

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Local Metro Market Leads Is The Key To Small Business Growth

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Local Lead Generation Capture leads with CliquePrize® giveaways

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Partner CliquePrize is end-to-end lead generation and communication for small business

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How It Works 7 Steps to Generating Qualified Local Leads

  • 1

    Create a Sponsor Account

    Create a Sponsor account and get verified as a small business which includes a FREE Bullseye! business listing.

  • 2

    Pick A Prize Giveaway

    As a Sponsor, you are responsible to giveaway and fulfill a prize to the winner when you host a Giveaway (Sweepstakes). For example, a FREE Offer for TWO! Think of something your customers would want to win from you. The better the prize, the more Entrants you'll receive.

  • 3

    Purchase a Base Package Upfront

    Pick a base package from our Platinum Coin Giveaway (Sweepstakes) series such as one-time Private (invite-only), one-time Public or recurring monthly Subscription (either Private or Public) plans.

  • 4

    Create A Promotion & Upload Your Assets

    Upload your assets (logo & background) or use one of our 45+ templates across all of our Small Business categories such as Bars & Restaurants, Salons, Karate schools, Kennels, Lawncare and many more!

  • 5

    Summarize the Prize, the Rules & the Terms

    Upload your own Giveaway (Sweepstakes) Summary, Rules and Privacy/Terms or use ours. You can even edit ours to customize them to your liking. Be transparent about what the prize is, the start and end date and how you plan to use the Entrants information for marketing.

  • 6

    Host A Public or Private Promotion

    Based on the Coin Package you purchased, you are now ready to host a promotion. Public promotions reach everyone in the local metro area. Private promotions are invite-only based on email address. If you already have an email list to notify or wish to print a PDF poster for your store with a custom QR code and 4 digit code, we'll supply it for you free of charge. This way only your own list or customers will enter.

  • 7

    Post Promotion Next Steps

    After your promotion is over, you first must fulfill either the digital (QR code) or physical (sent via a major delivery carrier) prize to the winner. Either way, you can use QR codes to track prize fulfillment. Then, you have the option of buying all the Entrant records starting at $1/record. A target marketing list is essential to any small business. Be sure to always provide a way to opt-out of your marketing.

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